Municipal Services Division

REVA SUAZO, Interim Municipal Services Division Director

Leslie Keahbone, Administrative Assistant/Enrollment

JORDON N. ROMERO, Administrative Assistant

REVA SUAZO, Realty Officer                  

JEREMY LUJAN, Realty Assistant

Realty Office (click here)

JOHN C. ROMERO, Heavy Equipment Operator 

EDWARD TAFOYA, Heavy Equipment Operator 

CURTIS SANDOVAL,Heavy Equipment Operator 

MARK TRUJILLO, Facilities Maintenance Manager

GEORGE MIRABAL, Maintenance Worker

GORDON MARTINEZ, Maintenance Worker

CORY LUJAN, Maintenance Worker 

JOSEPH CONCHA Jr., Maintenance Worker


Download MSD Documents (Adobe PDF Documents)

Road Project Update (Coming Soon)

Work order forms for both Facilities and Roads


Tiwa Babies

Promoting optimum child health & development & honor traditions & values. Nurturing families in ways that honor values & promote optimum health.

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“We care for our elders. We treat them with respect, honor & dignity, because our wisdom comes from them. I have learned so much from them; day & night.” ~LR

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High above our Taos Pueblo is a sacred lake, Ba whyea-Blue Lake. The People of Taos Pueblo have occupied these areas since time immemorial.

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