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The vision of Taos Pueblo Tiwa Babies Home Visiting is to assist all families to nurture their children in ways that promote optimum child health and development. Nurturing families in ways that honor values, and promote optimum health.

Objective 1: Taos Pueblo families with young children will have access to high-quality early childhood home visiting services that promote optimal child and family development, healthy lifestyles, and strong connections to family, community, culture and tradition.

Objective 2: Taos Pueblo families with young children will have access to group and individual family activities that promote preservation of and participation in traditional cultural activities through the home visiting program.

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Our Services

  • Home Visits

    Home Visits

    Our Family Health Educators will provide visits to your home, while some can also be arranged at the local park or a place of your choice, visits are uniquely created to meet the individual needs of each family served. The length of a visit is usually 1-1 1/2 hours depending Read More
  • Child Development Screenings

    Child Development Screenings

    All children grow and change at different rates. A developmental screening can let parents know if their child is on track developmentally or socially and emotionally and emotionally. It can show a child’s strengths and identify developmental concerns. When concerns are noted, a referral for further assessment is in order. Read More
  • Circle of Security Parenting Classes

    Circle of Security Parenting Classes

    Our Health Educator’s are “Circle of Security Registered Parent Educators”. This relationship based parenting program can be taught in groups or individually, to parents of infants, toddlers, & children.The Circle of Security ™is a relationship based early intervention program designed to enhance attachment security between parents and children. Decades of university-based Read More
  • Prenatal and Postnatal Massage

    Prenatal and Postnatal Massage

    Tiwa Babies staff will be promoting participation and recruiting families to the Tiwa Babies Home Visiting program. New and innovative opportunities will be available for parents such as pre-natal massage/Lamaze. This is being offered for pre-natal and post-natal mothers, massage therapy performed during pregnancy can reduce anxiety, decrease symptoms of Read More
  • Sewing and Cooking Classes

    Sewing and Cooking Classes

    Sewing machines are available to individuals who may not have access to machines, or who may also be interested in Instruction and Guidance in sewing techniques from local seamstresses. Cooking classes are available to those wanting to explore Healthy eating habits. Read More
  • BMI Testing and Weight Loss

    BMI Testing and Weight Loss

    Clients can seek services for weight loss, weight management, Diabetic Prevention and intervention, through an assessment by the Taos Pueblo Fitness Specialist. A variety of classes are available through the fitness program; Zumba, Yoga, Aqua Aerobics just to name a few. Read More
  • Career and Financial Planning

    Career and Financial Planning

    Clients can create and modify resumes, Prepare for job interviews, and learn about household budgeting through a series of lessons from the Family Spirit Curriculum. Read More
  • Digital Storytelling

    Digital Storytelling

    Oral tradition is part of many cultures and many lessons are taught through stories. Tiwa Babies Home Visiting project wants to use digital storytelling as a way to promote social change and action by sharing first-person narratives combined with digital media. Tiwa Babies will provide this training to participants that Read More
  • Playgroups


    Interactive activities are planned throughout the year for children and families that promote cultural enhancement, social skill building for infants and toddlers, parent interaction. Play groups carry a theme, healthy snacks or meals are provided. Read More
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Tiwa Babies

Promoting optimum child health & development & honor traditions & values. Nurturing families in ways that honor values & promote optimum health.

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“We care for our elders. We treat them with respect, honor & dignity, because our wisdom comes from them. I have learned so much from them; day & night.” ~LR

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High above our Taos Pueblo is a sacred lake, Ba whyea-Blue Lake. The People of Taos Pueblo have occupied these areas since time immemorial.

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