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Employment Application

header 36Taos Pueblo in accordance with its sovereign powers to regulate activities within its jurisdiction adheres to employment practices that ensure the selection of qualified tribal members whenever possible. We consider applicants for all positions without regard to race, color, religion, creed, gender, national origin, age, disability, marital or sexual orientation, except that preference will be granted to American Indians and U.S. Veterans. First preference will be given to enrolled Taos Pueblo tribal members, followed by all other Native Americans. Federal and state laws prohibiting discrimination in employment do not apply to Taos Pueblo.

Taos Pueblo CMS is a Drug Free workplace and enforces a Zero Tolerance Policy against the use of illegal and controlled substances and enforces this policy by way of testing for such substances. All individuals seeking employment with the Taos Pueblo CMS, must submit to pre-employment screening. If hired, employees may be subject to ongoing random screens at the discretion of the Taos Pueblo CMS.


1.All application forms must be submitted to the Human Resources Division. A separate application form is required for each job position.

2.Applicants may be required to submit documented proof of any license, degree or other qualification stated on the application for employment.

3.Please answer all questions, resumes are not a substitute for a completed application.

4.Complete the application form using black ink, typewriter.

5 Or download the interactive PDF Application, fill-in the fields, save it and email it back to apply@taospueblo.com

(click here to download application)

Tiwa Babies

Promoting optimum child health & development & honor traditions & values. Nurturing families in ways that honor values & promote optimum health.

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“We care for our elders. We treat them with respect, honor & dignity, because our wisdom comes from them. I have learned so much from them; day & night.” ~LR

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High above our Taos Pueblo is a sacred lake, Ba whyea-Blue Lake. The People of Taos Pueblo have occupied these areas since time immemorial.

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