Water Administration Office


VACANT, Administrative Assistant II

BRENDAN BRADY, Water Resources Engineer

SHULDAN LUJAN, Water Resources Monitor

DAROLD LUJAN, Water Resources Monitor

JAMES MONTOYA, Ditch Crew Foreman




 The Water Administration Office is charged with the responsibility of securing a legal quantification of the Taos Pueblo’s water rights in the New Mexico v. Abeyta water rights case through a negotiated settlement. On Oct. 7, 2016 the WAO secured the fulfillment of this responsibility with the publication of a formal notice in the Federal Register that the Settlement was final, binding and enforceable.

The issuance of the notice, ahead of the projected March 31, 2017 date, put the Water Administration Office on a path that requires a reorganization of the Water Administration Office that will enable the Pueblo to effectively implement the Settlement and also to work towards a transition of staff that will be charged with continuing the implementation of the Settlement in accordance with the Settlement Agreement and Settlement Act into the future.  The transition to Settlement implementation from Settlement negotiations does not mean there is less work; in fact, implementing the Settlement means the more extensive and intensive work begins, according to those involved and knowledgeable about water settlements.


   Captured 2008 07 30 00052 2Vision Statement

       The present and future generations of Taos Pueblo tribal members shall have abundant water resources in the future to sustain their way of life and to develop their     homeland for the well–being of all its members