Emergency Management

Gregory Bobick, Emergency Management Coordinator

Our Goals:

  • Protecting the health of Taos Pueblo Community Members
  • Providing critical services for elder and youth Taos Pueblo Community Members
  • Continuous communications and education for Tribal Members
  • Long term sustainability of the Tribe
  • Support wellness and continuity of the ICS Team
  • Awareness of potential threats and preparedness

The team operates under a National Emergency Management Structure, (NIMS) which allows for the better coordination of emergency activity. Among those is keeping our community prepared through communication plans.

To this extent the Taos Pueblo emergency communications team is monitoring a collection of tribal, county, state and federal information to bring you the most relevant and up to date news.

All national, state and tribal entities are working together to share this information, so updates coming from the Emergency Management Team are representative of all agencies.