SUMMARY OF JOB PURPOSE: Serves as a resource contact point for Native American youth in the municipal school system that have not successfully connected with school or other community resources.

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Taos Pueblo Central Management System




  • Engages youth in the municipal schools and connects them with needed services, as well as collaborate with other community resources to coordinate activities within Taos Pueblo.
  • Connects and engages youth in order to identify their needs, strengths and interests.
  • Connects youth to a full continuum of prevention, early intervention and diversion resources such as employment, education, health/mental health, social/recreation, restorative justice and other services;
  • Coordinates and assists Prevention Specialist to provide community-based prevention and/or health education events.
  • Works with community resources to identify access barriers.
  • Engages youth and their families with their communities.
  • Maintains a good communication with co-workers and maintains a positive and professional work environment.
  • Prepares or assists with the preparation of reports
  • Performs other duties as assigned.


  • High School Diploma or GED.
  • Experience working with youth in prevention or intervention preferred.
  • Tiwa speaking preferred.
  • Valid New Mexico driver’s license and meet and maintain insurance requirements with the Pueblo’s liability insurance.

Submit Application/Resume to:

Taos Pueblo CMS Human Resources Office

Ph: 575-758-8626, ext 124   FAX: 575-758-7308

Email: apply@taospueblo.com


The position requires successful drug screen and background check with NO felony convictions. Taos Pueblo Tribal members are encouraged to apply. Native American Indian preference applies.

Tiwa Babies

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“We care for our elders. We treat them with respect, honor & dignity, because our wisdom comes from them. I have learned so much from them; day & night.” ~LR

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High above our Taos Pueblo is a sacred lake, Ba whyea-Blue Lake. The People of Taos Pueblo have occupied these areas since time immemorial.

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